What I've shipped

I love to see people having their problems solved with something I've done.

Tools of the trade

Any good craftsman knows his tools.

These are some of the tools I've been trying to master over the years.

If you're wondering about my editor, I use vi, but lately I've been programming in Clojure so much I'm almost an Emacs convert.

Click on one of the leafs to see in which products I've used each language or tool.

Fun Fact

The control on the left is a slightly tuned Coxcomb Chart. It was first used by Florence Nightingale to persuade Queen Victoria to improve conditions in military hospitals during the Crimean War.

The chart was made using Raphael, and the source is in github

It's all about the team

Good Engineering takes practice

I dislike bureacracy like everyone else, but good engineering is also about having the right development process.

People I've worked with

With a great team you will walk paths you would never thought you'll reach on your own.